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The Only Thing New is U Finding Out About It

by The Go! Team



released January 18, 2018

“The Only Thing New is U Finding Out About It” is a brand new single following on from their acclaimed new album SEMICIRCLE (out now on Memphis Industries).

Band leader Ian Parton explains the influences behind the upbeat and mostly instrumental track:

“"The Only Thing New Is U Finding Out About It" is an expansion of an idea from a remix I did years ago. It builds around a looping Steve Reich-esque kalimba line, with a syncopated steel drum response jumping in the gaps, and by the end a full-on choir have joined in this weird math rock African/Asian hybrid thing. The title is inspired by a Mike Watt quote. It's a sentiment I'm into: that it’s up to you to go out and track down the good shit that’s out there...”


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